Work Experience: Jaya Bart

For the last week of June, we had Jaya join us in the office for her placement week. Read about her experience below:


How did you find your work experience with us?

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience at Mere Green Healthcare. I have been able to do a range of activities here which has allowed me to understand all the different roles within the business. By doing different tasks each day, it has kept the week very exciting, and the time has flown by!”


What did you get up to?

“At the start of the week, I engaged in marketing activities, starting with writing a blog on alcohol awareness. I enjoyed conducting research and writing on this topic, as I had the freedom to choose any subject I wanted. This experience helped me enhance my writing skills and organisational abilities in terms of blog formatting. I also found doing the research for this very useful as it will be a skill that I will likely use often in any future work. Additionally, I explored Canva and utilised it to create engaging posts for Instagram and Facebook. This exercise nurtured my creativity and design skills. I also delved into the process of posting blogs on the website and learned about website maintenance, which will be beneficial if I ever venture into website creation and management. This blog will be posted on the website in time for alcohol awareness week and I am glad that it means I have a physical piece of evidence to show what I have done this week. 

I was lucky enough to be able to visit a care home in Coventry, called Arden Grove, and see first-hand what Mere Green Healthcare does. While I was visiting this care home, I took pictures for Mere Green Healthcare’s social media and spoke to the managers there which really helped me to build on my communication and networking skills. 

I was also shown administrative tasks, specifically profiling, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This activity enabled me to familiarise myself with various programs, such as Matchmaker. I was also shown payroll and the site E-Tips which was probably my favourite part of the week as I enjoy the finance side of things. It also links well with my studies as I do maths at A level.”


What did you learn?

“Going forward, I will use these communication and networking skills when reaching out to future employers and clients. I will also value these skills next year when I look to go to university as it will require great communication skills when speaking to lecturers and other students as well as in any university or job interviews. I am sure the research and writing skills I have picked up will also prove useful for essay writing.  

I think this week has really allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, by being in a new environment, meeting new people and doing tasks which are unfamiliar to me. This has really developed my confidence in facing new situations, which I think will be invaluable in the future when I will have to adapt to different environments (in university and work) and meet lots of new people. Also, I think this will develop my speaking skills when it comes to public speaking and presentations. ”  


It was a pleasure having Jaya with us and we wish her all the best in the future!


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