Good Care Month: Why is Health and Social Care so Important?  

In the health and social care industry, there is an increased demand for staff recruitment and retention due to both an ageing population and individuals of all ages with more complex needs that necessitate additional social care support.

Every year, Good Care Month encourages healthcare workers to share the excellent work they do each day. It is the perfect opportunity to engage and highlight the work they do, which has such a significant impact on people’s lives.


So why is health and social care so important?


People are living longer!


The UK’s ageing population is a major factor in the importance of social care in the healthcare system. The future has fundamentally expanded in ongoing years with the number of individuals living longer developing quickly. One-fourth of the population, according to estimates, will be over the age of 65 by 2036.


Providing relief to unpaid carers and loved ones.


An unpaid carer is someone who takes on the responsibility of caring for their loved one.  Health and social care workers can step in to help provide assistance, giving the unpaid carer a well-deserved break. They can even help put together plans and redirect them to the right people and communities to ensure they can get the long-term support they need.


Helping people have a better quality of life!


The individuals, families, and communities all benefit, enhancing their well-being so that they can enjoy a higher standard of living.

Care workers can have a range of responsibilities from up-keeping living spaces to assisting in personal care. They may even provide short-term assistance to enable individuals to live independently, particularly following an injury or illness.

Lives can be changed by social care. It lets people do things they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. People are offered the chance to live with pride and as much freedom as possible. Everybody is qualified to make every moment count and social consideration can empower them to do as such.


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Written by Enzo Chesseu Nya


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