Could Recruitment Be For You? An Interview with Our Recruitment Consultants

Have you ever considered a career in recruitment? What even makes a good recruiter? In this week’s blog, we asked our consultants Salim and Liam for their thoughts:


What are your responsibilities?

“My typical daily responsibilities involve sourcing and managing shifts. This involves finding and allocating shifts to staff and ensuring those working are equipped and ready to meet the highest standards of care. We also make sure to build connections with any future candidates so they can be recruited as quickly and efficiently as possible.” Liam

“We spend lots of time on the phone and may encounter a range of challenges big and small, so being able to establish positive relationships with clients and candidates is very important.” Salim 


What Are the Challenges?

“Being able to communicate effectively with people from many different backgrounds is essential for the job, as well as being able to diffuse situations and problem solve in an efficient manner. Many curveballs will be thrown at you in recruitment, and you must be ready to quickly adapt to new situations to meet the best resolution for you, the candidates, and the clients. You must be able to stay focused, organised and calm throughout these times.” Liam 

“Recruitment can be both challenging and rewarding. Our job revolves around people, which means there are always variables at play that you cannot necessarily control but rather adapt to. Where I am responsible for allocating shifts to my recruits, a care home might need a shift filling last minute, so the ability to remain calm under pressure and be a good problem solver is pivotal. It’s extremely refreshing and fulfilling to hear the feedback from the homes when one of my recruits has completed a successful shift.” Salim 


What Skills Did You Already Have and How Have You Developed Them in This Role?


While I have been used to dealing with people directly over the phone and in person in my previous jobs, recruitment has brought fresh challenges to my daily work life, but skills obtained previously have helped me to quickly acquaint myself with the differences. Such as being able to communicate well through different methods, problem-solving, adapting to rapidly changing situations and effective organisation as well as the occasional out the box thinking.” Liam 


I would like to think that my communication and writing skills were my strengths due to the essay-based nature of Politics and International relations. In addition, we were required to deliver presentations. I would definitely say that my negotiation skills have reached a new level of capability – this role forces you to adapt like water whether that be with the client or with your candidates. For example, if a client cancels on you last minute, you must show a level of wit and negotiation skills to leverage a better position so that your client is not let down!” Salim


Any Final Thoughts?


“The job has many highs; to work in a fast-paced environment is something I enjoy, and I work well under pressure. I am grateful to be surrounded by an amazing and diverse team of people that have my back when I need it. They help me tackle any challenges and stresses so I can push on with what I am doing.” Liam 

“If you enjoy social interactions of different kinds, a small dose of chaos and a pressure-based environment, this is definitely a great role to consider. This is one of those occupations that will keep you on your toes, so if you’re a driven individual and you like to be constantly challenged and pushed to the limits, then look no further than recruitment in healthcare” Salim.



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