Love in the Workplace: Is it a Good Idea to Work With Your Partner?

Would you work with your partner? It is not uncommon for our healthcare workers to be from the same household but is this a good idea? In this week’s blog, we delve deeper into this topic.


What Are the Benefits?


Reduced Travel Costs

A significant advantage we’ve discovered is related to travel arrangements. If you work with your partner or someone in the same household, you can lift share or travel together! This not only cuts down on travel expenses but also benefits the environment by reducing unnecessary carbon emissions.


Quality Time

You can spend more quality time together! While many couples are limited to weekends and evenings, collaborating at work means you can dedicate breaks and lunches to each other more frequently.


A Guaranteed Work Friend

There is the comfort of working with someone you already know. You have the guarantee of working with someone you already trust and get on with.


A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

You are both likely to share the same goals and priorities, having insight into what is needed in both work and home life. This enables you to navigate any challenges and celebrate successes together!


The Challenges!


Finding Balance

On stressful days there is a higher chance of bringing any problem from work back home and vice versa. This is why it is best to have boundaries in place. This could involve requesting different shift patterns or working in separate locations. It may also be best to have an agreement to keep home and work matters in their respective places.


Risk of Burnout

Another consideration is the risk of burnout from spending all your time with one person. However, one article presents an alternative viewpoint, suggesting that working with your partner can prevent burnout, as it eliminates the need to juggle work and home life.  Either way, it is essential to dedicate alone time and make space for other people for overall well-being.



Overall, there are pros and cons to working with your partner but ultimately it comes down to personal preference and communication. We have shifts in several locations so you may not need to be in the same location when working with us. There is also plenty of flexibility to split your work schedules so you can make it work for you both!



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