Coping with Grief: Advice and Support During the Festive Season

As December arrives, our towns and cities glow with festive lights, and joyful songs fill the air. However, not everyone shares in this merriment. For some, the festive season serves as a painful reminder of those who can’t join the celebration. This week marks National Grief Awareness Week, so amidst the festivity, let’s take this time to raise awareness and show our support to those struggling with loss during this time of year. Here is some advice we found which might help you or someone you know who may need some extra support this month.


There is No “Right Way” to Celebrate Christmas

There should be no pressure for you to celebrate at all! Remember, Christmas is every year, so if this year is too painful, it is completely fine to take time out for yourself, especially if this is the first year without your loved one. Take things at your own pace and make sure you communicate this to your loved ones so they can support you in your decision.


Consider Making New Traditions

Christmas can come with many traditions which might be difficult to do if the person you normally did them with is no longer with you. Consider what that tradition meant to you and even consider creating a new one in their memory. This could be a decoration, activity, or memorial that celebrates the life of that person. This blog from the Priory Group lists some great suggestions.


Remember to Take Time For Yourself

Be kind to yourself, do something you enjoy, take yourself out on walks, and make space to process and feel your emotions. This is important in allowing yourself to heal, and you may find this even makes you feel better.


Reach Out to Others For Support

It can feel isolating grieving when everyone around you appears to be joyous. Make sure you communicate with your loved ones and seek support when you need it. There are also resources out there that can provide you further support, such as:


In this season of mixed emotions, it’s essential to remember that it’s okay to take a step back and grieve. Whatever you decide to do this time of year, make sure you still reach out to those who can offer a listening ear, and don’t hesitate to utilise the resources out there. Remember, you are not alone, and there is support available. Let’s make this festive season a time of understanding, compassion, and unity, supporting one another through the challenges that may come our way.


For more information on National Grief Awareness Week check out The Good Grief Trust here


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