Work Experience: Enzo Chesseu Nya

We recently had Enzo join us in the office for his placement week. Read about his experience below:


How did you find your work experience with us?

“Having partaken in work experience, at Mere Green Healthcare. I’ve been able to participate in a variety of activities here, which has helped me comprehend the business’s various roles. It has kept the week very exciting by doing different things every day, and I have enjoyed every day this week!”


What did you get up to?

“I began the week by participating in marketing activities, beginning with the creation of some TikTok for Mere Green’s brand-new TikTok page, giving them yet another social media platform on which to target additional healthcare workers. I appreciated directly exploring and creating TikTok, as I had the opportunity to pick any subject. I also composed my first blog! The topic I chose was Good Care Month which will be posted on the website. This will mean I will have an actual piece of work to show what I have done for this present week, and I’m truly pleased with this.”


What did you learn?

“The experience assisted me with improving and developing skills I have never used before such as blog writing. I likewise found doing the research and formatting for this exceptionally helpful as it will be an expertise that I will probably utilise frequently in any future work.  This exercise sustained my innovativeness and planning abilities.  I will utilise these skills I have learnt when connecting with future businesses and clients. I will use these abilities many years from now in my working life and when I hopefully go to university as it will require the same skills I’ve been taught. I’m confident that the research and writing skills I’ve acquired will also be useful when writing essays.

“I think this week has truly allowed me to escape my usual range of familiarity. Usually, I’m wrapped up in my studies, working or doing something TikTok related. This week has allowed me to meet new individuals and do assignments which are new to me. This has truly helped me in new circumstances, which I think will be significant in the future when I should adjust to various conditions. “


It was a pleasure having Enzo with us and we wish him all the best in the future!


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