Well-being Through Creativity: The Benefits of Art in the Care Home

Art can come in many forms: music, theatre, poetry, and, of course, paintings and drawings that might first come to mind. It is a way for us to express ourselves and appreciate the creativity of others. Whether you are the artist or the audience, studies show that art can promote better health and psychological well-being! The National Day of Arts in the Care Home is an annual event that takes place every year on the 24th of September to raise awareness and encourage participation in arts-based activities within care settings. This includes highlighting the health and well-being benefits that can apply to all involved. In the spirit of this day, in this week’s blog, we will be sharing some ideas for arts and crafts to get involved in.


But first, what are the benefits?


As previously mentioned, art can be used as a tool to express emotions that might be hard to explain. It gives a person the chance to really think about how they wish to communicate their feelings, acting as a form of stress relief and a chance for reflection. To be able to share your feelings with others, particularly those close to you, increases connection and self-esteem. This is particularly important for older adults, where social connection and maintaining identity are incredibly important. Art activities can be easily led within a group setting, creating an inclusive space for them to communicate with each other.

Art can also be beneficial in improving the quality of life for those with dementia as it is both a stimulating and enjoyable activity. This could even help delay the symptoms of patients with Alzheimer’s disease! It can help improve memory and cognitive ability while increasing a person’s confidence and self-worth as it can be adapted to focus on the skills and strengths of that person, bringing them satisfaction.


Here are some activities to engage in this autumn!


Read more about The National Day of Arts in the Care Home here.


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