Trick or Treat? Could Temporary Recruitment Be Right For You!

Trick or Treat? Joining a recruitment agency can come with many benefits and challenges. In the spirit of Halloween, let us explore the mysterious world of temporary recruitment and show you that it’s not as scary as you might think!


  The Fears


The Reality 



  “The Dreaded Zero-Hour Contract”

Depending on your situation, a zero-hour contract can be seen as positive or negative as it technically means you are not guaranteed shifts every week.

  We cover healthcare facilities across the UK, offering plenty of hours. We even have the possibility of regular work for outstanding candidates to ensure consistency for our clients.



  “Little Benefits

While you may not receive the benefits of paid time off and a pension as you would in a permanent role…

You gain the freedom to work according to your preferences. This gives you control over your earnings and even the opportunity to build these benefits for yourself.



“No Routine”

You will not have a set weekly schedule as dictated by your employer.

Your schedule is determined by you! We always consider your availability when assigning shifts, granting you the freedom to establish a routine that might not be as possible in a permanent contract with more restrictions.



“Difficulty in Establishing Work Relationships”

Although, working in various places may limit your time to build relationships with colleagues.

You will have the opportunity to work with a range of people which not only develops your interpersonal skills, it also offers you a chance to create a wider professional network.



Ultimately, the decision to join a recruitment agency depends on what works for you but if you value:


  • Competitive Pay

  • Flexibility to work around a schedule that suits you.

  • A range of locations to choose from.

  • The opportunity to enhance your experience through exposure to different health settings.


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Happy Halloween!


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