Job Application: Writing a CV!

You’re looking for your next career steps and after hours of searching, you find your perfect role:

“Healthcare Assistant, Birmingham – Mere Green Healthcare… send us your CV.

No need to panic! It can be daunting to create a CV but at the end of the day, think of it as a tool which outlines you professionally. Here you get to show off all your experience and achievements along with the skills you’ve learnt that make you a perfect match for the role. For many jobs, this is their first impression before they potentially invite you for an interview so although it’s nothing to fear, it is important to ensure it’s the best it can be to ensure success.


Here is an outline of what to include:


Personal Details

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email (Ensure it sounds professional.)
  • Address

Personal Summary (Keep informative but concise) :

  • What do you do/ aspire to be?
  • How much experience do you have overall?
  • Summarise your past experiences and what you have learnt.
  • What are you looking for? Why are you applying for this role?

Work Experience

  • Include the company name, role, and dates.
  • Brief description of job responsibilities, highlighting skills gained and any opportunities.
  • List in order of experience with the most recent first.


  • Qualification name
  • Date (when you started studying to when qualification was received)
  • Where did you study?


  • Name and Date – what did you do?

Additional information that might support application e.g IT, Language skills.


  • Brief description of how they may add value to the role and any skills obtained.


  • Names and contact details of three people
  • Include their relationships with you (must be professional) e.g old/current manager, educator, supervisor, work colleague.


Our Top Tips
  • Read the job ad you are applying for carefully and make notes of any key skills mentioned. Ensure these key skills are mentioned in your CV.
  • List qualities as well as skills, this supports your CV as we can gauge what you are like around patients.
  • Context! – Don’t just list the skill or experience – outline how you got it/ how this is relevant.
  • Write dates in reverse chronological order so the most recent is first!
  • Make sure it is easy to read! Where there are sometimes a ton of CVs to sort through, you want your important information to be the first thing we see!

We like to see how much UK experience you have in healthcare and the skills you have obtained.


We are always looking for talented people to join our growing team of healthcare professionals. If you are interested in working with us, send your now-perfected CV to or check out our job vacancies here.


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